The renaiChance 'zero worries' workshops gives personalized knowledge in your timing. Here you will not find strict syllabus about how to learn, but give you the opportunity to study what you want. No hurry or pressure, no mandatory classes, just workhours spent together where you learn most from your own experiences.
You will find the Basic event regularly, here you can learn how to work with the sewing machine and the basics about fabrics. Another regular opportunity is the Mending class where you can get help mending and repairing your own garments, and lastlyI love to make Special events, when we deepen our knowledge with something new. 

Workshops during COVID19

While we’re already trying to hold live sessions, we’ve tested a number of online teaching methods over the past year that will continue to be available - so you can continue learning from a great distance or from lockdown.

Hogyan tanulhatok online?

  • You can subscribe to our Patreon page, where you can access content from your monthly contribution: instructional videos, admission to the student group, sewing patterns, and even posters that you can put as a cheat sheet near your sewing machine so you can look at it at any time and help you practice or choose materials.
  • The webshop is uploaded every month with new tutorials and sewing patterns - these are also rated based on experience, and you can also find a link to a helpful video in the document.
  • I organize an online workshop once a month, where we can talk about a particular topic for an hour and a half. This is done in a video call and you can buy a ticket in the webshop or via email. For these occasions, you will usually also receive a downloadable document that records what you have learned here.
  • In addition, if you want to study in a completely personalized way, you can also sign up for individual lessons at this email address!
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Looking for workshops for an event?

We are also happy to hold workshops with our team at events, festivals, small group team building or environmentally conscious sessions. In connection with our outgoing programs, we can also talk about these:
- We can hold events with or without sewing machines too,
- Also for children up to kindergarden,
- Upcycled and eco conscious materials,
- With sustainability presentations too.

Contact us here:

Next video workshops

Recent learning materials

'The redesign workshop was great! With Julis’s help, an oversized, second hand winter coat became a completely wearable, pretty piece. Since then, I have also received another coat as a gift, which I will try to transform alone. :)'

'I got a lot more from this workshop than I expected. In addition to getting great tips and usable knowledge to save my clothes, I had some very pleasant and inspiring conversations. Professionalism, boundless kindness, non-stop good humor characterized the whole workshop. I can't wait for the next one! :)'

''Every start is hard.’ That’s not true! I took the beginner workshop very reluctantly, or rather to myself. I tought that now I find out well whether this is a flame flare up in sewing and I will put it off, or maybe I will be able to move on to the initial pitfalls. And thanks to Julis, I became very motivated and stayed. I got great, meaningful help with getting started. If I were not so far from Budapest, I would definitely sign up for ALL other workshops. So, everyone who can, do it! By the way, it's worth it for a good, meaningful pastime.'